Value Your Infinite Worth

Value Your Infinite Worth

You determine your worth: only and solely you. Your worth, which is vast, boundless and immeasurable, lies not in the hands or the eyes of what any other perceives you to be or values you as. Most significantly, your worth and your value is inherent; independent of anything you’ve done, anything you do, or anything anyone has done to you at any stage of your life.

  • The Power of Your Self-Valuation:

See yourself for all of the immense goodness that you are. Engage in loving, kind and encouraging thoughts and conversations with yourself.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt more often, trusting yourself. Absorb the comforting, supportive energy in the simple action of holding your own hand.

Even though you may be blessed in having abundant love, support, caring and understanding in your life; you’re still ultimately the only human who knows yourself so completely, so fully, so truly.

Acknowledge yourself. Trust yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Be true in every moment to the best in yourself.

Shine in happiness 😌

  • The Value Another Places on You:

How often do you value the opinions of another more than your own? How often are your feelings, thoughts and actions swayed by what another thinks (of you) / feels (toward you) / says (about you); or by how another treats you?

Regardless of what another may think of you / do to you, know that none other but yourself determines your worth.

Each person has his / her own story. Each person is coming forth into your life with his / her own pre-conditionings, wants, needs, desires, experiences, beliefs and insecurities perhaps.

Pegging your value on what any other deems you to be worth means that your sense-of-self will never be constant but will fluctuate as per the ever-evolving dictations, judgements and estimations of others.

You hold the power of determining and interpreting the role that you’d like somebody to play in your life-story (if any).

Continue to grow in valuing yourself first, as much as you’d value any other human being.

  • Your God-Graced Value is Inherent:

Do you perhaps gain your sense-of-worth and value based upon what you do to earn a living? Or perhaps based upon who loves you and / or who is dependent on you for love and care?

If so, what happens if these things no longer hold true in your life? For instance, if you no longer have a job to define yourself by? Or if your primary significant relationships are no more for some reason?

Does your worth decline? Should it decline?

God has Created you in perfection, dear one (regardless of how imperfect you may be in your human-conditioned experience). If you must look to another, aside from yourself, either for approval, or to determine your value and worth, look to Him, who is nonetheless integrated with you.

You will find that you’re stronger, braver, more beautiful and more magnificent than you’ve ever allowed yourself to imagine or experience.

Sharmilla 20/01/2018

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