Play to Achieve Your Dreams

Play to Achieve Your Dreams:

Whatever you do, ensure that you have fun on your way to reaching your dreams and fulfilling your desires. Balance your seriousness and focused determination with hearty playfulness and relaxation. You’ll easily and effortlessly be well on your way to attaining, maintaining and thriving in the life of your dreams.

The BusYness of Seriousness:

Think about it… Do your best ideas arise during times of seriousness? Or, do they breeze-in naturally floating-by on waves of moments of lightness and freedom?

Planning, diligence and discipline are significant. Temper this with wholesome breaks for rejuvenation and you will be well on your way to success.

The Joy of Fun:

A sure route to optimal performance includes playing, relaxing and resting sufficiently.

Your mind and your body will thrive when you allow yourself comforting and alternatively stimulating down-time also.

Have fun!

The Wisdom of Balance:

Embrace relaxed, enjoyable focus.

See, hear and feel yourself happily and ‘funtastically’ having achieved your dreams!

Sharmilla 03/03/2018

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