You Play A Significant Role In “What Will Be, Will Be”

You Play A Significant Role In “What Will Be, Will Be”

Is your life completely ruled and determined by fate and destiny, you think? Your own choices, decisions, desires – where do they fit into the picture of your life if everything were indeed already pre-ordained? Would the Divine have a reason for creating you, the uniquely wondrous being which you are, if you had no role whatsoever to play in your own life?

Do you believe that Source would intend for His Will to be the sole force in your life, with no consideration for your feelings, thoughts, plans and dreams?

Surely as the Divine’s pristinely precious creation, the Creator wholly joyfully, lovingly and benevolently intended for you to embrace, play with and (responsibly) have fun with the magnificent co-creating power of free-will and choice which you have been Graced with?

The Creator’s Role:

The Divine’s role is Creation – supremely responsible for orchestrating and overseeing All in the Grand Scheme.

The Grand Scheme is unlimited and eternal. It includes all planes and levels of being, including beyond the earthly plane of life and existence. Divine Source is all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing – in your life, in all lives, and in all life-forms.

As Creator, HE makes all abundantly available to you; presents you with choices and opportunities; showers you with genuine infinite love, forgiveness, kindness, protection, guidance and caring; and HE supports you explicitly.

The Divine is flexible and dynamic – following, and generously responding to, your every pure will and desire unconditionally.

Your Role: Co-creator:

Your role is active co-creation in your life.

Your ability to influence your life, and that of the world, is marvelously potent. You therefore play an immensely significant role in “what will be, will be”.

By the power of your thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, patterns, choices and decisions, you guide and direct how the Universe responds to you. This in turn drives the experiences, circumstances and situations which come into your life, and which you enter into.

So, how do you make the best of, and maximize, your co-creative power in your life and in the universe? Simple: by being fully true to yourself, and by living up to your best and highest self in conscious awareness.

You do this by living in trust and faith, and from a place of balance and alignment with who you are; by making decisions in consultation with Source and your higher-self and by simply living joyfully, happily, in gratitude and in freedom, seeking the best and the most wholesome in every situation.

You may find prayer, meditation, cultivating a state of lightness and fun, being in nature or simply retreating within yourself in connection with the Divine within to be invaluable.

You do it also by loving, by caring, by forgiving and by showering kindness lavishly – upon yourself and upon all others.

And so shall you see, hear, experience and feel the peace, magic and awe of your role in “what will be, will be”.

HappyWise: Sharmilla 28/04/2018

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