A Season To Sow and A Season To Reap

A Season To Sow and A Season To Reap

Everything is accounted for. All of your actions and endeavors are recognized and incredibly valued in and by the Universe. Things done now-seemingly ‘lifetimes ago’ which once-upon-a-time ignited your heart with inspiration and passion, still remain a living, vibrant part of your being. Naught is lost. Naught has been, is, or ever shall be in vain.

A Season to Sow:

Sometimes the pace may seem slow and your mind may be fooled into thinking you’re toiling without getting anywhere. When this happens, know and trust that all of life is flowing in accordance with a perfect natural rhythm.

So long as whatever you engage in is in alignment with who you truly are, bringing you peace and joy, you’re definitely on the ‘right’ track. Your contributions to your soul-growth and evolutionary journey are artfully incremental. It does after-all require each step to reach your destination. Every step along your path is as significant as the destination itself.

Take pleasure in your energy outputs of enthusiastic perseverance. Nurture, comfort and love yourself through your every creative endeavor, no matter how large or small. Celebrate your mini-successes, even if just by taking a quiet moment to breathe deeper and fuller, inhaling your triumphs in appreciation, gratitude and gladness.

A Season to Reap:

Having sown your seeds and walked your route with intentional purpose, clarity, and focused actions, now rest, relax and anticipate harvest and fruition.

Fulfillment must only be a natural consequence of seeds well-nourished and tended with caring delight…

Bask in the realization and gratification of coming full circle through time… Soak it all in…

… And then grab your soil-tilling instruments and your walking-shoes again… For life and your continual expansion is but a beautiful eternal process of sowing and reaping, reaping and sowing, walking and reaching, reaching and walking…

Be gentle with yourself. You’re perfectly exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Have fun!

HappyWise: Sharmilla 19/05/2018

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