Letting Go Allows You To Move On To Where You Belong

Letting Go Allows You To Move On To Where You Belong

Nothing is ever lost. All is energy. Energy is only transformed. Be at ease with that which no longer serves your highest purpose.

Make peace. In acceptance, and in surrender to Divine Grace and Guidance, know that you’re now effortlessly on your path to where you belong.

Forcing / prolonging a situation / the inevitable doesn’t change your having to ultimately progress forward in happiness. The sooner you do, the more you allow yourself to unite with, and in, love, joy, peace and fulfillment both internally and externally.

You’re loved, you already belong- you always have, you always shall… Even if it may not be in the materially-manifested, and probably somewhat limited, ways you expect.

You may perceive letting-go of someone or something as a ‘loss’; however oftentimes, it’s just a path on your life-journey – providing opportunities for greater levels of self-appreciation, worth and esteem. You’re constantly evolving, and with it will come change.

View letting-go and flowing with change as upping your game, rather than as a cause for pain. Embrace your freedom, dance in joyous ecstasy with your authentic self…

The Universe is boundless and eternal Wisdom. You’re on track, supported, and Guided by Spirit in every moment.

HappyWise: Sharmilla 22/09/2018

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