Dance To Your Own Rhythm

Dance To Your Own Rhythm

Being at one with yourself, being in alignment with your connection to the Universe – this should be simple, yes? Yes.

Yet, how often are you perhaps pulled in directions dictated by everyone else but yourself? Yes, you’re a part of a greater whole and therefore yes, you’re influenced by your commitments, obligations, etc.

Yet, this doesn’t have to translate into losing yourself. You’re uniquely you.

Continue being you under any and all circumstances – especially the more challenging ones. Your rhythm, beat and tune with the universe is magically wonderfully beautiful.

Value yourself enough to dance to your own rhythm, even when the world about you may be in a frenzied beat. Thrive in happiness and gratitude that you have the courage to choose your authentic self over any attempts to superficially ‘fall into place’.

You’ve been created as magnificently unique – not to spend your life in attempts to fit in, but to follow the rhythm and the calling of your own heart and spirit.

Treasure the amazing treasure which you verily are!

Dance free!

HappyWise: Sharmilla


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