In Every Moment, You’re Creating

In Every Moment, You’re Creating

Aaaah, isn’t it absolutely wonderful and exhilaratingly freeing to know not only that you’re the creator of your life-experiences, but also that in each and every moment you’re graced with an opportunity to create afresh?

That which you choose to do with / make of your every ‘now-moment’, lays the foundation for your future moments.

You’re an astoundingly magnificently magical creator. Choosing, for instance, to be happy now ensures that you attract more happiness into your future. Similarly, constantly choosing to perceive things as obstacles rather than as opportunities, for example, will ensure that you attract more challenging obstacles into your experiences.

Your co-creative power, merged with the Universal power of the Divine, is truly amazingly potent.

Why not, therefore, make a consciously empowered choice to create the life of your dreams and desires, moment by moment, in every moment?

HappyWise: Sharmilla


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