Fall In Love…

Fall In Love…

Think of your most beloved…

How do you feel when you’re in your beloveds presence? What effect does even a thought of your dearly beloved have upon your feelings? …

How do you treat your beloved? What special things do you do for, and with, your beloved? How do you love your beloved – in what ways, in what quantity? Is it even quantifiable?

What, specifically, are some of the things that you do to demonstrate the depths of your feelings for your beloved, to your beloved?

How do you encourage, love, support, value and treasure your beloved? How do you go out of your way to ensure that he / she is happy, healthy and joyful?

… Now, take a moment to deeply and intimately feel all of your feelings toward your beloved…

Bask in these feelings. Feel it’s purity, it’s self-creative happiness… And allow these feelings to expand and to grow from within you…

Know that these feelings are yours. Yes, you may indeed feel this magnificent, glorious and magical love toward your beloved, in connection with who he / she is – yet the feelings originate from within you.

The feelings of which your beloved is the blessed recipient of – is actually within you, flows from you and is perpetually available to you. You are its creator and its conduit – It is Divine Source energy, which is simply LOVE.

So: Love yourself just like you do / would love your most precious beloved.

Fall in love with yourself – now, and again and again, in every moment. Treasure yourself. Treat yourself. Celebrate yourself. Have fun with yourself. You are love itself.😌

HappyWise: Sharmilla


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