Find Your True Love In The Divine

Find Your True Love In The Divine

Love is always with you, within you, of you, for you. Love is you, you are love. The Divine is love. And you’re one with the Divine – now, forevermore…

All is magically, magnificently, most naturally and simply inter-connected through love, by love, in love.

Look always to the Divine and to the divinity within yourself – it is here where love frolics and dances, eagerly and consistently awaiting your embrace.

Aloneness and separateness do not exist, but for its being a concept of your mind and imagination. Feel with your heart – you will genuinely and surely know that you’re the very essence of the great Essence itself – which is love, which is connection.

Celebrate the grand, simple, spontaneous yet never-ending abundant supply of love, joy and happiness available to you. Inhale it with your every breath.

Your true happily-ever-after love is in the Divine and in you… In each and every moment…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


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