Take Yourself Everywhere You Go…

Take Yourself Everywhere You Go…

I WILL be excited about traveling to an exotic destination with you, but ONLY if you also revel in having a good time with me, and exploring and discovering new, different things with me right where we are.

Locations and activities, to me, are less impressive than a person’s inherent character and authenticity of intention. Heartfelt experiences are, to me, more significant than crosses off bucket-lists and attempts to superficially impress me, or ‘kill time’ together.

Let’s genuinely live, play, grow, adventure, explore, discover, thrive, learn and evolve together – WHEREVER we may be, and wherever we may go…

Let’s embrace the magic and the wonder in every place and in every experience – even right at home!

Let’s choose to appreciate the joy and the love available to us in every moment, wherever we may be and whatever it may cost, even if it’s absolutely free!

One does, after-all, take oneself with, wherever one goes…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


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