Universal Intelligence

Universal Intelligence:

You’re always getting everything that you want… Even when it most definitely doesn’t seem so!

Think, for instance, on things that you were so sure that you wanted in the past, but that didn’t work out as you’d hoped for at the time… Aren’t you glad that they didn’t work out as you’d wished and longed for?

When you look at the bigger picture – is it possible that the Universe in some way knows you better than you even know yourself?!

All is well. Trust. Rest. Be at peace in the knowledge that you are a precious being, and that you are intimately known and taken care of by the Universe.

HappyWise: Sharmilla



The most optimistic people are those who’ve overcome unfathomable pain and suffering, and who’re all too well-acquainted with solo journeying…

Happiness, love, hope, faith, trust, optimism – they’re all choices, most often arising from immense adversity; and lessons learned on self-reliance, and dependence on naught but Divine.

Mistake not an optimistic, ‘happy’ person for having an easy life. Most often, it’s this individual who has endured the most, and who has therefrom evolved into the wisdom of different outlooks, choices, behaviors, lifestyle, and resultant outcomes…

HappyWise: Sharmilla

Create, Innovate, Be Leading-Edge…

Create, Innovate, Be Leading-Edge…

Nothing has to be exactly only as it is, or as it appears to be. ‘You’ have the power, the freedom, the capacity – to change anything of your choosing – by your own will, your own visions, your own callings, your personal connection with All-That-Is…!

Choose with wisdom.

Create. Innovate. Be Leading-Edge!

HappyWise: Sharmilla



When you bring your awareness to the Grace of All-That-Is, regardless of how it may appear or seem on the surface, you will be overcome with a feeling of being thankful, to all of Life – and perhaps most especially so – to the simplest and most basic of blessings readily available all around you.

HappyWise: Sharmilla

Win-Win Solutions

Win-Win Solutions:

In every situation in life, you have a choice. Every ‘problem’ has a solution – in fact, various possible solutions…

Win-lose, lose-lose, win-win…

You have the freedom to incorporate wisdom into your choices.

Choose to exercise your freedoms with responsibility, love, and integrity.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Everything Counts

Everything Counts…

EVERYTHING counts. Every thought, every dream, every wish, every action, every reaction, every response, every realization, every choice, every decision, every belief, every feeling, self-discipline, follow-through…

You’re a creative being, creating in every moment of your life…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Take Yourself Everywhere You Go…

Take Yourself Everywhere You Go…

I WILL be excited about traveling to an exotic destination with you, but ONLY if you also revel in having a good time with me, and exploring and discovering new, different things with me right where we are.

Locations and activities, to me, are less impressive than a person’s inherent character and authenticity of intention. Heartfelt experiences are, to me, more significant than crosses off bucket-lists and attempts to superficially impress me, or ‘kill time’ together.

Let’s genuinely live, play, grow, adventure, explore, discover, thrive, learn and evolve together – WHEREVER we may be, and wherever we may go…

Let’s embrace the magic and the wonder in every place and in every experience – even right at home!

Let’s choose to appreciate the joy and the love available to us in every moment, wherever we may be and whatever it may cost, even if it’s absolutely free!

One does, after-all, take oneself with, wherever one goes…

HappyWise: Sharmilla




Learning is inspiring, is thriving…

Ever notice how learning something new that you’re truly passionate about, and that’s meaningful and purposeful, is definitely joy and life-inspiring – which then in turn leads to your overall thriving – which then in turn, leads to you living your life in harmony and at your highest vibration?

Yep! The energy and inspiration of growth that comes from learning, is definitely also fuel for overall expansion and evolution!

…What, and how, are you in the process of learning? … 😌 How are you making yourself available for your own thriving? 😌

HappyWise: Sharmilla


It’s Done!

It’s Done!

It’s DONE!

And so IT IS!

All that’s yours, will be yours.

Naught that’s yours can pass you by.

The Intelligence that organizes and balances universes, is the very same Intelligence that Guides your life.

Trust in Life.

Trust in YOUR Life!

So as you breathe by instinct, let the Divinity of Life’s Purpose flow to you, and through you, for your Highest Good…

All is In Order!

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Appreciating Simplicity

Appreciating Simplicity:

Ever notice how the seemingly simplest things in life, are also the most basic things in life, and therefore deserve the most appreciation – even though they are probably most under-rated on the appreciation index…?

Take as many moments as you need, to genuinely feel appreciative of/for the simplest things in your life…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Let’s Play A Game…

Let’s Play A Game…

What’s 2 of the most important material things in your life? Things that you think/feel you ‘cannot live without’?


Now find a way to live without them.

…Three months later, check to see if you’re still alive.☺️

You may be surprised to learn that not only can you live, but you can actually joyfully thrive, without the things that you deem to be indispensable/of vital essentiality in your life.

Lots of it is just a matter of awareness, mind-frame changes, and making more intentional choices.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Let It Be…

Let It Be…

Take a break.

Let it be…



All is in perfect Divine order.

All will work out for your Highest Good.

Let them be… As they are, as they will.

Yet, know your boundaries. Trust in Divine Guidance, Intuition, Wisdom, Discretion, Discernment, Leadership, Decision-Making…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Love of Your Life

Love of Your Life…

Who’s the greatest love of your life?

Mine’s Divine.

Yes, Divine’s definitely the Love of my Life.

My greatest Friend, Lover, Listener, Guide, Leader…

So appreciative. So thankful.

…Who’s the Love of your Life? … Why is he/she/it the Love of your Life? … How does he/she/it make you feel?

Focus on that feeling!

HappyWise: Sharmilla




Funny how you do things that you think you’re in fact incapable of doing; or not strong, brave, competent or simply willing enough to be doing…

Funny how you nonetheless do these things with ease and flow in a particular present-time moment… Yet, once it’s done, you may still be unable to even fathom it from a past perspective; nor imagine or entertain the idea of yourself doing it in a future time-space reality.

So, what’s the ‘magic’ then?

GRACE. PURE, DIVINE FREE-FLOWING GRACE – which is ALWAYS available to you!

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Investigate, Research, Learn…

Investigate, Research, Learn…

Be a person with a willingness to investigate, research and learn.

A person who says, “I don’t know”, and simply leaves it at that, ‘cos it’s something that’s not crossed his/her path before, is not a person who will flow easily with the pace of an ever-changing, ever-evolving world.

The world is kind, yet it does not wait for one who stagnates.

HappyWise: Sharmilla




SILENCE is medicine. EXERCISE is medicine. EATING RIGHT is medicine. PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and EMOTIONAL HYGIENE is medicine. NATURE is medicine. SIMPLICITY and AUTHENTICITY are medicines. CLARITY is medicine. INTROSPECTION AND DIVINE COMMUNION are medicines.

Choose your medicines well, for it is YOU who is your greatest physician.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks:

Thank You, Dearest Divine, for all of Your Blessings in 2020…

Many Gifts of insight, internal reflection, prioritization, re-prioritization, valuation, worth, appreciation, faith, trust, gratitude, wisdom, discernment, love, choice, free-will, affirmation, simplicity, light, grace, humility, Divine Connection, Sacred Union, joy, etc. were so very generously Showered upon us all.

We are thankful and appreciative.

HappyWise: Sharmilla




ALL under the SUN is ONE.

Feel your connectedness. Know your connectedness… To All under the Sun, to the Sun itself.

Make it a bright, sunshiny day every day – regardless of the weather or of what you may be experiencing which is beyond your control.

All is Perfect Order. You’re infinitely Divinely supported, nourished, loved, guided, cared for…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Babes of Intelligence, Wisdom and Intuition

Babes of Intelligence, Wisdom and Intuition:

INTELLECT is a product of education. INTELLIGENCE is inherent. WISDOM sprouts, blossoms and blooms from experience. INTUITION thrives on communion with Divine.


HappyWise: Sharmilla


May the Basis of Commitment be Freedom

May the Basis of Commitment be Freedom:

May the basis of commitment be freedom.

Commit to being with me, for as long as you’re happiest with me. Commit to loving me, for as long as you genuinely continue to. Commit to growing with me, for as long as we continue to be stimulating, both individually and together. Commit to exploring and discovering with me, for as long as we continue to play and thrive together. Commit to evolving with me, for as long as we continue to appreciate and transcend the physical and the material and all of its associated blisses and contrasting ‘challenges’, toward greater spiritual depths of integration, inspiration, transmutation and transformation.

Commit to being faithful to Divine and to yourself, first and foremost, for as long as you’re faithful to me. Commit to honoring Divine and yourself, first and foremost, for as long as you honor me. Commit to being ever-true to yourself, first and foremost, for as long as you continually choose to be with me.

…May the essence of your commitment to me, forever be freedom, which in itself is love…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Discerning Integral Authenticity

Discerning Integral Authenticity:

There’s a difference between being ‘discerning’ and ‘authentic’, and what some may describe as being ‘stuck-up’.

If one chooses to perceive another’s discernment, intuitive guidance, integrity, authenticity and wisdom as being ‘stuck-up’, it’s okay – everyone’s allowed an opinion to be respected.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


The Children Are The Way

The Children Are The Way…

The children are the way.

Listen to them. Learn from them. Grow WITH them.

In their pure nature – untainted by our ‘teachings’, our thoughts, our expectations and our beliefs – they bring forth many a boundless treasure of innovative mind, heart and spirit…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Options and Choices Determine Outcomes

Options and choices determine outcomes.

Significantly, though, what starting-point are you establishing for yourself?

Is your starting-point negative (as in a case of ‘loves me not‘); or is your starting-point itself already positive (as in a case of ‘loves me’), moving toward even greater and deeper degrees of positivity (as in cases of ‘loves me more‘ and ‘loves me most’)?

It’s you, yourself, who lays the foundation…

🌀☀️💕Choose wisely. And remember that life is very much a mirror☀️💕🌀

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Unity and Oneness

Unity and Oneness:

If you send me an invitation to a ‘women’s group’ and I decline, it’s not ‘cos I don’t support women, it’s rather ‘cos I support “PEOPLE” – regardless of man, woman or child.

If you see me not supporting causes such as ‘black lives matter’, it’s not ‘cos I’m racist, it’s rather ‘cos I love all – “ALL” lives matter.

If you expect me to support a cause ‘against’ something, you will be disappointed in me, simply ‘cos I don’t do ‘against’ – I do “FOR” – I’M ‘FOR’ UNITY. I’M ‘FOR’ LOVE. I’M ‘FOR’ ONENESS. I’M ‘FOR’ DIGNITY. I’M ‘FOR’ HEALTH. I’M ‘FOR’ INTEGRITY. I’M ‘FOR’ FREEDOM. I’M ‘FOR’ JUSTICE. I’M ‘FOR’ AUTHENTICITY. …

When one draws distinctions, separation is perpetuated, not halted. Nothing can be solved from a space of separation.

Everything is possible from a space of inherent unity and Oneness.

HappyWise: Sharmilla




We may feel that we have to be thankful only for something specific.

However, can’t we simply be thankful for All-That-Is? Can’t we be thankful in general? How about being thankful for all the little things we may have come to take for granted?

There’s undoubtedly, always, so very much to be thankful for!

So, let’s take a moment here and there, whenever, wherever and ‘why-ever’, just to pause, genuinely feel, and say: “Thank You, Divine!!!”

HappyWise: Sharmilla


A ‘Life’ of Value and Worth:

A ‘Life’ of Value and Worth:

When one asks another, “Do you know who I am?”, as a reaction to their own misdeeds and violations, trust that the person lacks the basic humility, integrity or intelligence to know that he/she too is but a ‘human being’. In verily asking such a question, the person believes himself/herself to be ‘better’ than not only one, but probably all others too.

Therefore, mind not his/her disrespect, violations and constricted egotistical grandiose behaviors. Continue to go about your way in your own humble, integral human journey, honoring that ALL of life is a ‘life’ of value and worth; and that everybody too dies a death.

Give thanks for knowing that you are one who is able to see, live and honor such a truth.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


‘Heritage’ Celebrations

Heritage Celebrations:

How one chooses to live one’s life today, is the ‘heritage’ of generations to come.

Consider choosing for ‘heritage’ to be about basics such as integrity, love, authenticity, simplicity, respect, kindness, appreciation, compassion, peace, unity and joy; rather than merely about clothing, food, music, etc.

Consider choosing a ‘human’ heritage of genuine integrity and solidarity; rather than a segregating national, cultural, or racial ‘heritage’.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


‘EXTRAORDINARY’ is a choice

‘EXTRAORDINARY’ is a choice:

Never tell yourself to “Get used to” something that’s less-than optimal.

Life’s full of wondrous, beautiful, fantastical, magical opportunities and experiences – all simply awaiting your exploration and discovery.

It comes down to what you yourself are willing to do with it, and seeking enough to make of it, which contributes to that which you ultimately call your ‘life’.

‘Mediocre’ is a choice. ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ is also a choice – albeit, just less-chosen.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Trust Life

Trust Life:

Upon birth, the transition of ‘death’ is assured. One may spend the moments of ones life – until inevitable death – boldly living, or fearfully hiding.

Consider, dear one, that ‘living’ in fear may be more akin to ‘dying’, than the natural transformation of death itself.

Trust Life.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Authentic Evolution

Authentic Evolution:

Life is about evolving. Evolving is about transformation and change. Sometimes life gives you no option but to evolve. Sometimes, you’re brave enough, faithful enough, ‘crazy enough’, wise enough and courageous enough to choose evolution and transformation on your own. When you do, you venture out from your pristine comfort-zone, into the vast unknown. Lots may be uncertain and unfamiliar. What is always, assuredly, constant though – is Divine Guidance. Trust It. Flow with It. Be happy in It. It will have you “live” more authentically, more fully, more magically and more holistically wholesomely, than staying in a predictable, routine, ‘safe’ comfort-zone ever would. …And then, get familiar with It, ‘cos It’s going to call out to you again, and again, and again…

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness:

If someone is friendly, kind and loving toward you, after you’ve been unjust toward them, be assured that it’s not from a place of naivety or lack of self-esteem on their part; they’re merely operating from a level of consciousness, forgiveness, love, integrity, compassion and understanding toward you – which may be too high and unconditional for you to possibly come to be able to understand.

Be assured, though, that if you persist with your injustice toward them, they will one day quietly, humbly, and lovingly yet, walk away in integrity and with authenticity, bidding you a sweet adieu, while always still treating you with unconditional love, friendliness, respect and humanity…

Watch them flourish and thrive, ‘cos they know, as they have always known, who they are and what they’re worth.

HappyWise: Sharmilla


Eyes ‘Open’, Eyes Closed…

Eyes ‘Open’, Eyes Closed…

In Simply Closing My Eyes And Looking Upon The Sun,

I Am Transported To Worlds More Real, More Magical, And More Supremely Powerful Than I Have Ever Seen Or Experienced With My Eyes Fully “Open”…

Is Your Clearest ‘Vision’ External, Or Is It Internal?

HappyWise: Sharmilla